Projects: Custom Concrete

Longwood Gardens, PA

The existing cornice at the Ballroom was demolished due to its poor condition. A custom form, created in our mill, was set in position and a special concrete mix was placed. The form was removed after a partial cure and the surface cement was removed to yield an exposed aggregate surface.
Children's Gardens
Longwood Gardens, PA

The Children’s Garden has many different types & shapes of concrete structures. We created many forms in our mill and shipped them to the site for erection. Many of the decorative concrete columns also serve as structural supports. All concrete visible to the public is an exposed aggregate finish.
East Conservatory
Longwood Gardens, PA

Concrete foundation walls support elevated concrete slabs to create a basement area which houses a massive mechanical system. Above this, concrete interiorscape elements were constructed to form streams, waterfalls & walkways. New exposed aggregate entrance structures were also formed on two sides of the building.